Kamis, 13 Juni 2013


Karma does exist

I know why this happening to me. I've finally figured it out.
I played with someone's heart, I played with someone's feelings. So now I'm being punished.
Karma is getting me. That's what this is. I realize I totally deserve this. It's all my fault. I'm being played with like I played them. I now see how unfair it is, but it's too late and I'm stuck.
FUCK! At least I know... 


I miss u, I try not to miss u but it's so hard. I wake up with the thought of u everyday and it kills me. I go to sleep with the thought of u so sleeping is hard. I dream of you, of how we used to be, of how we could be. I want to say that I don't love u because that would have everything so much easier and less painful, but to say that means that u never existed and all the things we had never happened. I shouldn't love u, but I can't help but to love u with all my heart :) .

Rabu, 12 Juni 2013

Broken Promises

You promised me forever, until death do us apart. I loved your from the very start, now we are through and I guess I'm so much better with you out you, but everyday I remembered your face, your love is the one thing I just want to chase. Forever is a very long time but this whole heart of mine will always be your's, I'll love you until God sends me home, until then baby come back where you belong.


I tried to convince myself I didn't want you anymore. I just can't let go. I don't want to see you move on, but I'm not doing much about it either. You're two different people and I wish it would stop, because I'm living to die and dieing to live, but it doesnt mean a thing to me, until I have you. I felt so good when I was with you, you made me feel like the world; to hear I was your favorite and the best you ever had. You were not ashamed and would hold my hand anywhere. We'd talk on the phone for hours, and everytime we kissed it felt like I was dreaming. Love felt like heaven when I was with you; and now that you're gone I'm hurting like hell. I miss you so much, and I wish you were here, but I made the wrong choice and its too late, too many mistakes had been made and I lost you, forever...but you didnt loose my love because I loved you ever since the day I met you. and ill never forget you, because to me, you are my whole life.